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As an accomplished speaker, Paul will captivate and motivate your audience to take action. He combines humor with inspirational stories as he paints memorable pictures.


Paul will captivate and motivate

Paul has a unique ability to understand and connect to people from all industries, occupations and professions. His diverse career and expansive network of people fuel his passion and drive to help audiences understand why they need to and how they can improve their careers.

When he speaks with leaders, he earns their trust and builds credibility by explaining how helping employees understand the value they bring to their team and organization is the true path to increased engagement and motivation. Value only matters when it can be translated to business results. Paul helps leaders coach their employees to document and understand how they add value as they help the organization make more money, save money or improve processes.

His more than 20 years of experience as a leader across different types and sizes of organizations provides Paul with a variety of successes and failures that he shares to help leaders understand how to face the challenges of attracting, sourcing, selecting, and retaining the best talent for their teams. He speaks from experience and his passion flows through every word and sentence he shares with the audience.

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