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You are feeling lost and overwhelmed 

because you are being left behind in the job marketplace.

You thought learning a set of skills or getting a college degree meant you were set for years in your job. You apply to jobs and no one responds. Your boss does not recognize you for your contributions. Other people are getting promotions.


While you were busy being busy, the career value of your education, skills, talents, experiences and credentials has changed. 

Take Control of Your Career

Whether you are just starting your career or have years of experience, Paul Carney shows you how to unlock the power of your Æ (ash) to derive maximum benefit from your career value.


Move Your Æ is the definitive book that lays out straightforward techniques to:

  • Know Your Career Value

    • Recognize and document how you drive results

  • Grow Your Career Value

    • Find your motivation to improve

  • Show Your Career Value

    • Use simple methods for others to see your value

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