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Do you feel like you’ve been passed up for a promotion, skipped for recognition or simply ignored in your job search in the past year? Perhaps you’ve been experiencing an invisible sensation as you attempt to strive ahead in your path or job search.

When you feel unfilled in your career, it can lead to an overall sensation of disengagement in your life.

Move Your Æ guides you through the minefields of the job market to get your career, and your life back on track.

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Move Your Æ

Learn more about the “Move Your Æ (ash)” book as Kelly Reeser interviews the author, Paul Carney. Listen as Paul reveals the selection of the “Æ” symbol and what it means to your career.

Paul Carney

As Paul sits with his wife, Lisa, along the Piedmont of North Carolina, he has a career to be proud of. Yet, he can’t quite rest until he fulfills his mission: helping talented employees and individuals find their dream job. Namely, you, the reader, who knows their skills and talents are destined for more!

Paul Carney’s life’s work has been dedicated to supporting hundreds of individuals find fulfillment in their career journey. In various Human Resource and Leadership roles, he has coached many to success in their careers for more than three decades. His diverse career allowed him to build not only information technology solutions but successful companies, making him the perfect candidate to teach you how to find your dream job.

Paul developed a deep understanding of the challenges facing companies as they look for talented employees and for workers as they attempt to gain the attention of the company recruiters. After hearing so many disappointing stories on both sides, Paul stepped into action and compiled the information to produce his first book, Move Your Æ (ash). That book and the accompanying web site,, are now the definitive source of how you can Know, Grow, and Show your Career Value for the greatest benefit.

When not writing, Paul is an accomplished speaker and facilitator. He speaks at conferences and has been the emcee for the ITEN Wired technology conference from 2012-2018. He also conducts unique workshops to help employees understand how to document and measure their value, then promote it. Paul finds joy working with leaders of organizations to show them how to develop the full value of their teams for the highest return on their Human Capital investment. The value equation works best when both parties understand the benefits each receives, and Paul is not satisfied until they understand how to apply these concepts for maximum business results.

In his latest project, Move Your Æ, Paul hopes to combine all of his experience to help readers show their value and find their joy.


Move Your Æ


Move your Æ is right for you if:

You feel a college degree and specific skill sets are not serving you fully

You are applying to jobs with radio silence

You’re feeling frustrated without any recognition for your contributions at your job BUY NOW

Available in Paperback & Kindle

“I feel like the book was written just for me when I needed it most. Paul gave me guidance on the value in networking and building my brand. He always made time to ask how I was progressing and always made me feel like he genuinely cared about my success. I credit Paul’s example and the advice he provided in Move Your Æ to my career success.”

Megan T.

“Paul Carney’s critical life mission is to ensure that people are empowered to take charge of their career. Paul believes that whether you are just jump-starting your career or have years of experience, you can leverage the three requirements of “know, grow, and show”. In his book, you will gain everything you need in your toolkit to have the confidence you need to get started, grow the strengths you have, and show your career value to potential employers by learning how to have the right conversations to navigate through self-promotion in an effective way that leads to positive career fulfillment.”

Linda T.